Backup and transcode video previews on the go

Automatically back up your memory cards at up to 390MB/s and transcode your footage for preview on location to prep for editing – all in a pocket-sized device

Get a jump on editing while still in the field

Whether you’re creating a rough cut while still on location, or need to create a fully edited piece, GNARBOX and LumaFusion let you cut your turnaround times without needing to carry a laptop

Reduce turnaround time for editing with teams

Video crews can deliver rough cuts from in the field by using LumaFusion’s integration with’s cloud collaboration platform, and proxies of additional footage can be uploaded via GNARBOX’s integration

Best In Class

There’s a reason GNARBOX 2.0 SSD is the industry leader - more than just a hard drive, GNARBOX offers the laptop level processing power you need for in the field editing.

2 Modes to Connect

GNARBOX offers 2 connection modes for use when editing with
LumaFusion, giving you flexibility to work wirelessly, or with a wired
connection if speed is your goal.


Connect to the GNARBOX WiFi network and edit
wirelessly in LumaFusion. Clips added to the
timeline are downloaded to your device across the
WiFi network.

USB-C Ethernet

Some USB-C and Lightning devices are capable of
using USB-C Ethernet connectivity. Using a wired
connection, importing clips from GNARBOX into
your LumaFusion timeline will copy at a sustained
1GBps, due to wired connectivity.


+ LumaFusion Workflow


Back up

Use Backup Presets to back up to the GNARBOX SSD and/or any connected external drives, running MD5 or xxHash64 checksum for additional peace of mind.

Folder Preset

Review and prep
your footage

Confirm you got the shot without having to wait for a preview to generate by reviewing the keyframes of your footage in the GNARBOX app, then generate previews to make editing faster.

Folder Preset

Create rough cuts
or full edits

Use LumaFusion to build your timeline, while browsing content stored on the GNARBOX. Once a trimmed clip is placed in the timeline, that trim will be saved onto your mobile device, saving you storage space.

Folder Preset

Deliver to clients

Upload your rough or final cuts to’s collaborative cloud platform via LumaFusion, putting deliverables in front of your client faster.

Folder Preset
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