2 Methods to Connect

GNARBOX can be connected to a network over WiFi, or USB-C Ethernet at up to 2.5 Gbps, providing maximum flexibility or backup speeds, depending on your needs.

SMB Protocol

GNARBOX utilizes the industry standard SMB file transferring protocol, and can be used with any server or NAS device that is SMB compatible.

Industry Leader Created

To ensure maximum reliability and performance, GNARBOX worked with reputable manufacturers of NAS devices and studio media servers, Synology and LumaForge to design the NAS workflow.


+ NAS Workflow



Connect to your network via WiFi or USB-C Ethernet, and log in to your sharepoint and securely authenticate in the GNARBOX app.



With two methods to archive, users have full file management in the GNARBOX app. Alternatively, the onboard OLED will allow you to use One Touch Backup or a user defined Backup Preset to archive your GNARBOX to your NAS, with automated organization and checksum verification.

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